Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Out of the mouths of babes

Yeah...haven't been so good lately about keeping this up to date O:-) One of my New Year's resolutions is to be better at this (we'll see how long that lasts ;-)). While there have been a million and three things that have happened sine my last post....almost 2 years ago..cough..cough..I really wanted to write down some of the funny things my not-so-little-man has said recently. Some of the things he comes up with are absolutely wild! I always think I'll remember the funny one-liners and then later that day find myself saying "I know he said something funny...but what was it again??" This is my feeble attempt to keep track of those great memories so one day I can embarrass him laugh with him over his preschool humor :-)

Michael: Mommy I've never seen a blue car before. 
Mommy: Um, really?
Michael: Nope I have never ever seen a blue car. Have you?
Mommy: Michael, what color is Mommy's car?
Michael: Blue. 

When talking about our old house in Maquoketa (yes we moved...)...
Michael: So someone else lives in our old house now?
Mommy: Yep, they bought our old house and we bought our new house.
Michael: laughing hysterically in the back seat That's silly Mommy! 
Mommy: What's so funny? 
Michael: You can't buy a house!
Mommy: Why not?
Michael: Because it's too heavy! You can't carry it back from the store! continues laughing hysterically Silly Mommy! 

Michael: Mommy does Brayden have teeth? (yes we also had another baby...told you lots had happened ;-))
Mommy: No not yet but he'll get them soon. 
Michael: But I have teeth. 
Mommy: Yes but you didn't when you were a baby.
Michael: Well that's weird.

Michael: The sun doesn't want to get wet so he hides hides behind the clouds. 

Luke has been donating plasma the past couple of months and in the car one day he asked if Daddy would be home when we got there. I told him that no he was donating blood today and that he'd be home later. 
Michael: When I grow up I'm going to donate blood too and help people. 
Love him!!!

After explaining that Brayden needs to sleep a lot so he can get bigger....
Michael: If Brayden doesn't get his sleep then he'll grow back into a baby. 

When talking about what he wanted to be when he grows up...
Michael: I want to be a teacher like you! And then God needs to make me another classroom so I can teach where you teach. 
Mommy: How do you think God will make another classroom?
Michael: Hmm, I don't know - maybe we can just share. 

After receiving a Nativity set of finger puppets...
Michael: Oh no! Bring baby Jesus back here!
Mommy: What happened to baby Jesus?
Michael: The three kings taked him!
Mommy: Michael you know the three kings are nice. They brought gifts to baby Jesus. 
Michael: I know Mom! I'm just pretending they are mean! 

After a lunch of PB&J Michael wanted to give Brayden one also. The fact that Brayden was too little for a sandwich didn't deter him....
Michael: You can just mix it up like you do with all his other food!

Michael: Mommy I need to tell you something. leans in close to me and whispers I love Bucky Badger!!!

There are so many others but they'll have to wait later. We'll see how this New Year's resolution works out for me ;-)